Planting the Seed
New Asia Publishing House Ltd was founded in 1967 and has since been a well-respected staple force in the Hong Kong education publishing industry, especially in the primary school sector.

Growing the Tree
In the late 1970’s, an English supplementary titled ‘New English Exercises and Tests’ boosted our brand name and laid the foundation stone for our later growth. The series sold 500,000 copies annually for successive number of years.

The number of ISBN’s on our current booklist is over 2000, enjoying significant and increasing market share in primary Maths, General Studies, Chinese Language and various other supplementary publications in printed and electronic forms.

Spring Seasons

  • In 1996, our three main primary products General Studies, Chinese Language and Maths became one of the best-sellers in their respective markets after their first publications.
  • In 1997, we co-published two sets of Putonghua textbooks in collaboration with Guangdong Education Publishing House (廣東教育出版社) for both primary and junior secondary schools. These were the first joint textbook publications by a mainland and Hong Kong publishers in Hong Kong.
  • In 1999, one of our children’s book ‘I Still Got One Leg’ was voted as one of the ten best books of the year in Hong Kong.
  • In 2000, NAP set up a subsidiary in Singapore to produce CD-ROMs to embrace the ‘IT in Education’ initiative launched by the then Education Department of the HKSAR.
  • In 2001, NAP published its first secondary school textbooks – Chinese Language, which consisted of 27 thematically grouped titles. Another title: Business Communication & Word Processing captured nearly 100% of the school market having that subject.
  • In 2002, the Singapore publicly listed company – Popular Holdings Ltd took a 1/3 stake in the company. It sold its shareholdings back to the present shareholders in 2009 on friendly terms.
  • In 2003, we set up a joint venture company: Macmillan New Asia Publishers Ltd. (MNA) with Macmillan Publishers (HK) Ltd and ventured in earnest into the secondary market. In the first year textbooks in Chemistry, Physics and History subjects were published, all have Chinese and English versions.

Becoming Part of a Forest
2010 is the most significant year in the Company’s history when its business merges into the Times Publishing Group’s (TPL) Hong Kong businesses. TPL is a major international publishing group based in Singapore, with publishing businesses in Southeast Asia, America and the Middle East. The integration is designed to streamline and fortify the Company and its Hong Kong subsidiary Manhattan•Marshall Cavendish Education in preparation for the new challenges of the rapidly changing needs of the 21st century education and publishing trends. In April, 2010, NAP relocates to a new and expanded office in North Point, H.K.

Weaving The Web
Through our ‘On-line Education Resources Centre’, which is continuously being updated, teachers and students are able to access a comprehensive range of resource materials and tools for both teaching and learning in Chinese, as well as, in English for Maths and General Studies. By logging onto our website –, teachers can freely download reference materials, photos, drawings, question banks, Powerpoints and other electronic teaching tools or software. It also provides links to other useful and relevant websites.

Lighting up the Tree
Electronic books and ‘e-learning’ are the two main focuses of NAP’s future development. The objective is to help students to achieve self-learning through computer and web based assistance. All our textbooks and most supplementary materials are now produced in both printed and electronic forms.

Keep Thriving
The staff of New Asia Publishing House Ltd, many have been with the Company for more than 10 years, are firmly dedicated to providing the Hong Kong education community with quality educational products, supported by advanced technological support and backed by comprehensive after-sale services. This has been our mission in the past 43 years and will be our mission in the future, now with the strong backing of the Times Publishing Group added.

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